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T-shirt Yarn

T-shirt Yarn

Zpagetti T-shirt yarn has, since the start of Hoooked in 2008, unleashed a genuine European crochet mania. Many women fell for this thick Hoooked Zpagetti T-shirt yarn and the easy-to-create, yet stylish, Hoooked patterns. Zpagetti T-shirt yarn is easy to use, slightly elastic and is made from recycle textile remnants.

What is Zpagetti T-shirt Yarn

Hoooked Zpagetti is a unique recycled T-yarn for quick and easy crocheting, knitting or knotting in XXL size. This is possible because Zpagetti is made of strong stretch materials. The average cross-section of Zpagetti thread is between 1 and 2.5 centimetres, so you will need extra-large crochet or knitting needles. This allows you to achieve unique end results in no time, in your own cool and modern Hoooked style.

Durable, Colourful and Washable

Hoooked Zpagetti is made of high-quality and durable leftover material from the fashion and textile industry. The collection is based on the current fashion image and changes constantly. Zpagetti T-yarn usually contains 95% cotton and the remaining part is made up of elastane and/or lycra. Zpagetti is washable at low temperatures and keeps its optimal shape if you wash your creation by hand or inside a pillowcase in the washing machine.

Follow your Own Pattern

An important quality of Hoooked Zpagetti is the fact that the thickness of the thread and texture varies. That's why it is important to keep checking the measurements and the desired shape of your accessory when working with a pattern. For example, the number of stitches is not fixed; you can adjust it depending on the desired dimensions of the end result. This means that you don't have to follow our patterns and instructions exactly. Instead, you can use your own creativity.

What Can I Create with Zpagetti T-shirt Yarn?

Many followed these steps before you and are now Hoooked. From summery crochet picnics in the park, Zpagetti crocheting by the seaside, to tailor-made workshops for bachelor parties and High Teas. Anything is possible with Zpagetti. Enjoy crocheting with your friends around a warm fireplace or on a sunny terrace. We see crocheting opportunities everywhere (and knitting ones too of course). Zpagetti is also particularly suitable for weaving and knotting techniques. On this website, you can see different possibilities. That will give you some inspiration, but many enthusiastic Zpagetti fans have already started their own projects. For more fun ideas, visit our Facebook or download one of our free patterns order a Zpagetti book and get yourself started! Have you become just as enthusiastic as we are after looking at this site? Then get yourself one of our DIY crochet kits.
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